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DMCA Takedown Generator

I created this DMCA Takedown notice generator form to make it easier for you to fight thefts. The information you submit will not be saved to this website.

You can find additional information about IMVU's DMCA Takedown notice (and requirements) on IMVU's Terms of Service page under Copyright and Trademark Infringements. A Copy of IMVU's DMCA Takedown notice can be found here.

Fill up the fields below, and hit Generate button. The script will generate a new HTML page. You can either copy and email it, or print and fax it or send it via regular mail.

IMVU Avatar:
Your Name:
Your Email:
City, Zip:
State, Country:
Delivery Method:
By Fax
By Mail
By Email
You are:
The Owner of the infringed product(s)
The Agent Acting for Owner of the infringed product(s)

Infringed product:
Your Product: (Product's ID only!)
Infrigement Type:
Please list all Product ID's that have infringed on your above product in the below box. Product ID's must be separated by commas.
  • By using this form you agree that in no way the Site (chictrinity.com) providing this form to generate DMCA Notices can be held liable in any way shape or form for the use or misuse of this form.
  • You also agree that the Site supplying this form will not save or share the information you submit.
  • By submitting this form you agree to the above statements.
  • Your generated DMCA Takedown Notice will open in a new window.

If you send DMCA Takedown notices often, then you may want a personal account on this website to make the process very quick and easy. Please send me a message with your avatar name included if you're interested. Members also have more benefits on Reported catalogs page.





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