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First of all, my skin texture is copyrighted and registered! I never give/sell my skin textures. Anyone selling skins that have the same texture like mine is automatically a thief (or a victim of a stolen texture), unless their username or ID is listed below.

Those who extract, sell, and claim my work as their own will face DMCA proceedings, and they risk of getting their IMVU account disabled.

If you find someone selling or letting download stolen products, please let me know. If you use those stolen products (textures, meshes) to make your own IMVU products, then you will face DMCA proceedings, and you'll risk of getting your IMVU account disabled.

It is NOT OKAY to buy some skin textures from the internet (on social sites for example), and then create your own products with them. If you do that, then don't be surprised when you get slammed by DMCA, and then you don't have ANY RIGHT to defend your case. Period.
Create your own textures without using any 3rd party texture pieces, and no one can report you.

There is always a risk if you use bought or downloaded textures/meshes to create your imvu products!

NOTE: Deriving from my products and leaving some (or all) textures unchanged is NOT considered theft, so feel free to derive as you like. I always allow zero change derivations unless stated otherwise in the product description.
However, extracting any meshes and/or textures and uploading them IS stealing/theft. The same goes for icons and product images, you may not use my icons and product images.

Some idiots are blaming me for being an asshole: letting them derive my skins and then report them for it. First of all -- none of my skins are derivable! Only thieves may leave their skins derivable, and of course I report every single stolen skin, including derived from stolen skins!


I have listed some other usernames or user ID's below that have rights to use my textures and/or meshes. The first 4 below are MY OWN alternate accounts. My main avatar is ChicByTrinity.

Skins and other textures

  • StargateMax
  • SuperiorMax
  • ChicSkins
  • Samannthastar

Meshes, poses, accessories

  • StargateMax
  • SuperiorMax
  • ChicSkins

These are currently my own alternate accounts. No one else has permission to use my textures.

Users not listed here are NOT ALLOWED to use ANY OF MY TEXTURE OR MESH without my permission IN WRITING.



I'm grateful for all theft cases (link(s) to product(s)) you can send me!

Some of you may not understand how is it possible to steal textures and meshes in the first place. I also didn't understand it until my products started popping up in thieves' catalogs.

There are some highly illegal software programs which allow thieves to extract textures and meshes after trying them on in IMVU client. As simple as that. Poor bastards think they just can extract others' hard work and sell it without consequences. I will not tolerate ANY thefts. Period.

If you get caught by using an extractor software, your IMVU account will be disabled. Upload stolen products for several times -- your IMVU account will be disabled.





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