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Custom Requests

I'm sorry, I am unable to take any custom requests at the moment. That includes skins, rooms, furniture, anything. Personal exclusive requests are the worst. However, I have made a few exceptions for people who really wanted something, they paid 250-500k for a skin for instance. Doing requests means working for someone else, doing what someone else likes. I enjoy making things I like, it gives me fuel to go on with this work.

  • I can't make male skins no matter how much you pay. If I'm ever gonna make male skins, then it will probably be in co-operation with another creator who already has male skins.

I don't chat either, that includes attending various parties, public rooms, events, etc.

I'm sorry. Thank you for understanding.


Teaching how to create

Since I'm constantly learning and improving myself I'm unable to find time to tutor people, unless they pay me for that time as much as I earn by creating. I'm only focusing on becoming better and better at what I do.

I'm doing this for living not for fun. It is also fun as long as no custom works. :)

Please don't forget to visit my tutorials page.

Day/Night Trigger for Rooms

I generally refuse to do it because IMVU has such a limited 3D engine.

It's not possible to change the room lighting, fog, ambient lighting with triggers. Only mesh and texture change (and animation) can be triggered.
I cannot accept unrealistic, cartoonish rooms, therefore I refuse to add triggers to a sunset room to switch between sunset and daytime, or night. It's just not possible unless you want only texture change (leaving the lighting, fog, ambient lighting the same) which is very unrealistic, below my standards.
The only acceptable solution is to create separate rooms for different time and season. I have done so on several occasions.







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