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CHIC Skin Type Guide

On this page I'm going to explain what does E, B, HD and others mean.

  • E - Elite skin, well defined, expensive, exclusive.
  • B - Same as Elite, but it has bigger boobs.
  • HD - Even better defined skin, newer type. Meaning of E and B with HD remain the same.
  • Fit - Fitness style skin, it has sexy abdominal muscles.
  • Glossy - Has very shiny/oily/wet/sweaty look. Looks extra cool in darker rooms, beaches (bikini) and with club dance/rave clothes.
  • G - Same as Glossy.
  • F - Same as Fit.
  • M - Bigger muscles, probably stronger abs, etc.
  • S - Skin with Freckles, but I can't use F anymore (read above), so S stands for Spots.
  • Freckle - same as S above.

F and G may be together which means glossy fitness skin.

The prices -- Why so expensive?

Some people ask this question while some others say that they're willing to pay 5 times more for the same skins.

Anyway, the price reflects the amount of work and effort put into CHIC skins as well as their quality, definition, and sexy looks. You can't get a luxury car with a price tag of a cheap family car.

CHIC skins are made from scratch without any template other than IMVU's own 000 degree base template. No one else can legally have the same template, I never sell or share my textures.

Thieves who steal CHIC skins have no respect for me and my work, and the buyers who know my skins, but still buy from other sources (thieves) also disrespect me and my work.

VisNova and Sinderella make great avatars, right? Probably the best in IMVU. Their prices are high. It's the same principle.





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