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Car nodes in rooms

Some people are having serious trouble finding the car or boat nodes built in the room, and then some of them think that the room is faulty.

The problem: the node indicators move, but the car/boat will not move.

I'll explain how to make the nodes work.

Any car (or boat) node in my rooms is exactly like any other furniture node -- you can put ANY furniture item to them, there's no special cars or anything like that, they work with ALL items. The only difference is that they are animated, they move around in the room.

Here comes the tricky part. You must NEVER do any sliding with furniture move tool in this case (e.g Ctrl+move) nor rotate the car manually, or else you will get lost and desperate. ALWAYS move the item without pressing anything like Ctrl or Shift. Once the item snaps into place you can enter the trigger word and see if it starts moving. If it doesn't, then enter the stop trigger (important!) and try moving the item again with the move tool. The item often rotates itself when it snaps into place *(but not always), and then you'll also know if it's on the right spot.

If the above didn't work, then delete the item and re-add it, and do again as the above suggests.

I have added guide images on the product pages that show where the driving nodes are located.

Due to very limited time I'm unable to personally come to every room and show and explain, that's why I created this page here. I may update it if/when it's necessary to add more information.

Good luck! :)





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