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I have listed common questions below, I hope it helps you to find your answers. I'm unable to respond to all the messages I receive. Please keep in mind that I'm only one person, I can't do 3 man's job. I created this page to list the most common questions people ask.


Q: Do you sell your textures and/or meshes?

A: I never sell or give away my skin textures, and I would never let anyone else use them. Authorized usernames (my accounts) are listed here.
There are some thieves out there claiming that I gave/sold them my skin texture(s). The answer is a big NO.


Q: Do you also make male skins? If not, why? Are you going to make them?

A: No, I don't make male skins because I don't have passion for male stuff. However, I may do it in the future, only if I want to do it, not as a request, and it will very likely be in co-operation with another creator who already has male skins. I can't look at a naked male body, sorry. >_<


Q: Can I get a custom skin made by you?

A: It's very unlikely, because I quit taking requests in November 2011. It is still possible to get a custom skin, but it depends on my schedule and your budget. I'd ask at least 200,000 IMVU credits for a personal custom skin that no one else can buy. Still unlikely, because custom works take time and motivation which I can't really find.


Q: I want to ask a question?

A: Just ask, no problem with that. :)
Please do not ask me if you can ask me something. Just ask away. And please don't message me like "I have a question about [...] you made." Ask the question straight away. There are so many people who ask me if they can ask me a question. I usually ignore that.


Q: Can I get a custom room mesh made by you? How much is it?

A: It depends on my schedule. I'd ask real money, starting from 400 U.S. dollars. In this case I'd make the mesh and send you the files (xsf, xmf, etc.) and you send the payment to my PayPal account. Discount is possible if the mesh is very simple.


Q: Please gift me something?

A: No, I will not gift anything to anyone if you ask me to! I only gift when I want to, and especially when it's UNEXPECTED!


Q: I missed a gift in an IMVU gifting event (login gifts, etc.), can I get the gift(s) from you?

A: No, that's not possible, because these items are meant to be exclusive for a reason. Even if I could gift them, their prices are locked, gifting would make me lose credits (5-10% of the full price). The latter is also the reason I can't refund any purchase.


Q: Will you make matching furniture for your ... room(s)?

A: Again, it depends on my schedule. I sometimes do that, but not always.


Q: When will your promo bundle come out? When will ..... room be ready?

A: I don't know. Seriously. I do things at my own pace, I want to enjoy this work so I can get the best results. Pushing gets me stressed, stress causes delays, quitting, and generally worse outcome.


Q: Do you date on IMVU?

A: No, I don't socialize or date on IMVU because I work there and I don't have time for that. Only real world romance and relationships matter to me. I'm in a relationship with (IMVU-married to) a great person, and it's real, not playing it online only.
Many people are married in real, and then they have another relationship or marriage on IMVU (with different people). That's not for me.


Q: Why do some things cost 100k or 200k or more? Can you lower their prices?

A: They are most likely some items that belong to IMVU's promo events and such. The prices are locked so I can't lower them.


Q: Can I chat with you? Or become friends?

A: If you have something to say that I could be interested in (creating, thefts, important news) then you can send me a message first.
I'm not on IMVU to make friends or socialize, although I have found a few wonderful friends just "by accident", most of them are other creators. I sometimes add people who seem nice. Chatting is not for me, I enjoy creating more than anything else on IMVU. :)


Q: Are you arrogant?

A: No way, I'm actually very friendly, even too friendly, I find it hard to say "no", and so on. But... I need to protect myself so I try to be strict and not very trusting, especially when dealing with Guest_ accounts, because I do have some haters and stalkers, and guest avatars are a very easy tool for them.
If you see me in a room and I don't respond, then it's simple -- I'm creating and parking.
My statements on this site may sound harsh or even rude, but I just say it out the best I can, I don't like sugar coating and beautiful lies. Plain truth is what matters.








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